A Day in the Life

Why a Day in the Life of an Electrician is as Good as Gold

Ask any electrician, anybody in the construction trade: A Journeyman card is absolute gold.

Feeling Lost, Looking for a Satisfying Career?

Hey, we get it. We’ve all been there – wandering, directionless, not sure of your purpose in life. Maybe you’re young. Maybe you’re turning over a new leaf in life. Maybe your previous industry turned upside down due to unforeseeable change.

Because let’s face it. Everyone knows the college system is difficult. Why sink $100,000 in debt on a degree you might not even use once you’re finished?

Or you could go to work as a journeyman’s apprentice and start earning money on your very first day. Your classes are paid for by the very paycheck you earn while you learn.

Once your apprenticeship is complete, you get a pay raise and walk into a career with a great earning potential of at least $54,000, easy. How many of your college buddies can say that?

After a few years, you can then go on to become an electrical worker, own your own business and set your own wages and hours. The sky’s the limit.

A Day in the Life of an Electrician: What It Looks Like

What’s a day in the life of an electrical worker like? Well, the truth is it can vary. Every day is different. That’s one of the best things about working as an electrical worker. You’re often working a different job site with a brand new set challenges. It’s a very flexible job with flexible hours. Sometimes you even get to set them. It really depends on when the work needs done.

Most mornings

You talk and figure out what needs done that day. You inventory the material on the job and begin the work.

And the time just flies by…

Once the real work begins, the mornings and the afternoons tend to fly by pretty fast. You get in the zone, pulling wires to a switch box, troubleshooting a faulty connection, unpacking a brand new set of lights straight from the box and stringing them up. It’s work with lots of variety so it never gets old.

Awesome People, Great Times

You meet some real characters in this industry.  There’s just something about this work. You tend to meet extremely wise people you grow to respect, guys who might even be your own age.

And in a few years? You too could own your own car, own house, maybe even your own business. And the new guys will be looking up to you, wondering how you got so smart?

From Day One: YOU Make It Happen

You don’t even need some fancy resume to begin. All you need is a high school diploma, a right to work in the US, and an ability to get to a job site on time, consistently.

The rest is up to you. All it takes is a little work ethic and a drive to make it happen.

This work’s not going anywhere. This job can’t be outsourced overseas.  There will always be electricity and a need for someone qualified to install it safely.

Sure, it’s an industry with an aging workforce. But in 10, 20 years you’ll be practically living like a king with great income potential in an industry that can’t ever seem to satisfy its demand.